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Nívea Freitas concluded her “Konzertexamen” Diplom at the HFMT Hamburg in 2018, where she also completed her master's degree in lyrical singing in mid-2017, both in the class of Professor Mark Tucker. Her Lyrical singing bachelor's degree she took at the end of 2013 at the UFMG´s music school - Brazil. In the middle of 2015, she defended a master dissertation on interdisciplinary performance practice, also at the UFMG, which was partially developed in Paris in her exchange studies for a year at the theater department of the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. During this time, she also studied at the École Normale de Musique de Paris, oriented by Caroline Dumas. In 2013, she interpreted the roles of Aphrodite and Artemis in the opera premiere of Phaedra and Hippolytus by Christopher Park (USA) at the Palácio das Artes - Brazil. She interpreted the roles of Melise and Coryphée at the opera Renaud by A. Sacchini, at the Sala Cecilia Meirelles - Brazil, directed by André Heller Lopes and conducted by Bruno Procópio. For the conclusion of her masters in Brazil in 2015, she interpreted the role of Domitila, of the contemporary monologue opera, Domitila, by J. G. Ripper. In 2016 sang as The Night in the opera The Fairy Queen, by H. Purcell, at the Opera Stabile - Staatsoper Hamburg. She has also sung in other small contemporary opera, like the Cyclops, by Benjamin Lycke at the Theaterakademie Hamburg, as Rasha, and diverse concerts, with repertory from oratorio to art songs.

Her  academic trajectory , for personal reasons, interest and specific contexts, was initiated by the Physics course, at the Institute of Exact Sciences by UFMG, where she concluded her first bachelor. Her work in the area of ​​Astronomy and in the laboratory of Experimental Physics allowed her to finance her own ground music studies, which prepared her later for the entrance in the bachelor in lyrical singing by the ESMU at the same University. Her scientific background along with her experience in research in the area of ​​music performance in her first master's degree, contributed to the formation of an artist concerned and engaged not only with the technique and the minutiae of the universe of performance and musical practice, but also with creation, research, reflection and autonomy. The sum of this history has led to the development of innovative projects in the area of ​​chamber concerts, always relating repertoires to special themes and conceptual reflections, with the interest in uniting the tradition of music with innovation through the use of audiovisual media, in order to communicate with the public in a different way.


This profile, for example, gave her the chance to work out a performance creation project (Cuckoo Land) and win the CLAB Festival contest - Neue Konzert Ideen, a contest for new concert ideas in Hamburg, Germany, in 2018.

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